What is Second Life Toys?

Through a special transplant operation soley done for toys, this project aims to once again infuse life to broken toys, so that the owners can play with the toys again. Toys that are brought back to life through a special operation is a metaphor for organ transplant, which connects people’s lives. At this website, we are collecting toys to receive transplant and toys to be a donor. Our hope is that, through this website and this initiative, more people will have a deeper understanding of organ transplant and actually contribute to the lives to be saved.

How to Participate

There are two ways to participate on this project.1: Donate toy to be a doner.2: Fix toy through transplant operation.
Regardless of how you wish to participate, in order to properly match the toys for transplant operation, and to confirm that current status of the toy, please send us the picture of the toy first. After confirming the status of the toy, we will ask you to send the toy to a designated address in Japan. After the toy is fixed through transplant operation, we will send back the toy.
Terms and Conditions
*We cannot pay for the postage fee *Based on the amount of request, we may not be able to process all of the requests.


Let us share some comments we received.

Yuko Ogura

Through this initiative, I came to think about organ transplant for the first time. Even if my life may end, if it is possible to save the others, I thought I want to take part in that. I support organ transplant that may save and connect lives.

Yoshie Okuyama

Since I've come across during my teens, I have personally kept the Organ Donation Decision Cards. It would make me happy if I can give life by donating my own organs. I support the "baton" of connecting our precious lives.

Daiya Seto

There are many people who are in need of organ transplant. Instead of avoiding to talk about that topic, it is important for each one of us to have a deeper understanding of organ transplant and have one’s own opinion about it. I will also study about this topic deeper and have my own will about it.


Questions about Second Life Toys:
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